Getting to Mt. Yudono 

Mt. Yudono does not have regular public transportation routes leading to it.  The overwhelmingly preferred method of visiting here is via personal or rental car.

This site is over one hour away from Tsuruoka Station and high up in the mountains.

However there is a special taxi service that operates for a very special rate from Tsuruoka Station. The prices for this service are as follows, please note that reservations MUST be made in advance to arrange this taxi service.

See below for the link to the website where you can enter your reservation request.

Reservation taxi service


–5,000 yen per person.

–4,000 yen per person (if you are staying at the Sanrojo Mountain Lodge)

Note that this taxi service can only run if there are at least two people utilizing the service.  Please be sure to inquire below if you are a solo traveler.


Go to Mt.Yudono 1st departure 2nd departure
S-mall 8:10 13:15
Tsuruoka Station 8:15 13:20
Yudono sanrojo 9:05  14:10


Return to Tsuruoka 1st departure 2nd departure
Yudono sanrojo 9:30 14:40
Tsuruoka Station 10:20 15:30
S-mall 10:25 15:35


Contact Info

ANA庄交プラザ鶴岡  Phone (0235)24-3549

〒997-0031 山形県鶴岡市錦町2-21(S-mall bus terminal)

Operation Hours

  • Weekdays 9:30~18:00
  • Weekend 9:30~17:00

Shuttle Bus Between Tsuruoka Station and Mt.Yudono

Note that there are a very limited number of buses operating along this route.  Please check the information carefully and schedule your day with a buffer period to cushion you from any unexpected delays in your itinerary.

Service Period

June 1〜Nov 3 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


  • Bus to/ from Tsuruoka  2,000 yen
  • Bus to/ from Mt. Haguro 1,500 yen
  • 1 Day Pass(unlimited ride ticket) 3,000 yen
  • 2 Day Pass(unlimited ride ticket) 5,000 yen


Bus Stop departure
Tsuruoka Station (Bus stop No4) 8:45
Haguro”Zuishinmon” (bottom) 9:25
Summit of Mt Haguro 9:40
Haguro”Zuishinmon”(bottom) 9:55
Sanchoku Asahi Gu(local goods supermarket) 10:20
Gassan Asahi Historical Village(shop) 10:30
Yudonosan Senninzawa 11:00


Bus Stop 1st departure 2nd departure 3rd departure 4th departure
Yudonosan Senninzawa 7:40 12:20 15:00 17:20
Gassan Asahi Historical Village(shop) 12:50 15:30
Sanchoku Asahi Gu Direct(non stop) 13:00 15:40 Direct
“Zuishinmon” bus stop 13:25 16:05  ↓
Tsuruoka Station 8:30 18:10

Shuttle Bus From Mt.Haguro to Mt.Yudono

Bus Stop 1st departure 2nd departure 3rd departure
Haguro”Zuishinmon”(bottom) 9:55 13:40 16:05
Sanchoku Asahi Gu(local goods supermarket) 10:20 14:05 16:30
Gassan Asahi Historical Village(shop) 10:30 14:15 16:40
Yudonosan Senninzawa 11:00 14:45 17:10