Hot Spring Baths at Sanrojo

You may bathe in the sacred onsen water of Mt. Yudono at the Sanrojo Mountain Lodge that is located right next to the massive tori gate. These baths are open both to guests staying at the lodge and to the general public.  This hotspring water is rich in the minerals of the mountains and the same water that is found at the shrine area of this mountain.

Please note that these are public baths and that there are no private bathing option here. See below for the two bath types of this lodge.

Natural Hotspring Baths

Enjoy the natural hot spring water of Mt. Yudono in traditional wooden baths at the Sanrojo Lodge.  These baths also have shinto shrines in them where you can pay your respects to the god of the mountain for this sacred water.  

The rich minerals and hot temperature of this water will leave your skin with a very smooth texture and is believed to have a plethora or health and spiritual benefits. This water is especially nice to soak in after a long day of outdoor activities on the dewasanzan.  

Guests are encouraged to bow in front of this shrine to pay your respects when entering these baths.  

Customers Staying at the Sanrojo Lodge 

Operating Hours 7:00am to 10:00pm
Operational Period June 1 to Early November
Location B1 floor


  • Please wash yourself off from head to toe with the hot spring water by using the small bathing bucket before entering the bath.
  • There are no towels of soap provided for this bath, the 1st floor bath has soap.
  • This bath is free to enter for those staying at the lodge.
  • This is a public bath with no private options.

Standard Public Showers and Baths

The bathing facilities on the first floor are modern baths utilizing normal water and are also brightly lit by the wide windows that look out into a closed part of the forests surrounding Mt. Yudono. 

These baths are much larger than the natural hot spring baths found in the basement floor and may be preferable to those seeking a more standard bathing option.  

Customers Staying at the Sanrojo Lodge

Operating Hours 7:00am  to 10:00pm
Operational Period June 1 to Early November 
Location 1st floor


  • Please note that there are no towels provided here.  Please bring your own.
  • Shampoo and body soap is provided.  
  • This bath is bath is free to enter for those who are staying at the lodge.
  • This is a public bath split by gender with no private bathing options.

General Public (one time use)

Operating Hours 9:00am to 3:00pm 
Price 800yen (You can enter both the natural hot spring bath in the basement floor or the modern bath on the 1st floor)